Foundry Shell Casting
Foundry Shell Casting, is a leading manufacturer of bronze castings, established in 2012, in lieu of a previous business. Using high technical expertise and the proficiency of our skilled staff, we continue to implement and deepen our knowledge, striving to pursue a path of growth and improvement.

We specialise in casting parts ranging in weight from 80g to 60kg net.

Strict production controls are applied to ensure that our castings are of consistently excellent quality, a key part of our company philosophy.

The permeability of the shell allows for a reduction/elimination of rejects caused by the presence of gas bubbles.

Reduction of defects

A technique that reduces residual moisture, resulting in a stronger and less fragile structure.
We are able to cast complex parts thanks to the availability of sands of varying composition and grain size, which allows the casting cooling process to be controlled, thereby minimising the possibility of micro-shrinkage rejects.
Reducing the porosity or void fraction of the raw material, thus avoiding losses in the finished product.

Hot moulding


Porosity reduction

What makes us special :
High quality finishing with low surface roughness: a most useful feature for parts with visible unmachined surfaces.

High surface quality

We can cast complex shapes, to any specification and thickness and low dimensional tolerances, to minimise machining overruns.

Complex shapes

High production volume