1 mechanical workshop complete with lathes, milling cutters, drills and other equipment to ensure maximum service and maintenance of models and machinery in general
2 cutting machines
3 deburring machines
1 mixing line / degassing station for resin moulding
1 sandblaster with turntable for model cleaning and maintenance
3 sandblasting machines for roughing and finishing parts
2 blow moulding machines for shell moulding cores
3 moulding machines for shell moulding

1 casting and cooling carousel

2 750 kg melting furnaces

Care of moulds and core boxes after each production run, allows us to maintain consistent casting quality over time, even years later.

Our raw materials are purchased from the best suppliers and inspected pre and post-delivery.

Our highly qualified personnel manage our hi-tech equipment.

Each product is subject to careful inspection before final approval and shipment.

We can carry out control checks in-house and/or through external laboratories including, but not limited to:
• liquid penetrant testing
• mechanical / tensile / hardness tests
• x-ray control

Castings are supplied with all necessary certifications.

Foundry Shell Casting offers our customers a complete part - from casting to machining.
Mechanically machined backhoes